freelance Big data projects for Prof. Dr. Florian Stahl (Chair of Quantative Marketing at University of Mannheim): developing tools that are able to extract and analyze large amounts of data from web portals and social networking sites; 

2010 - current
Germany and Switzerland

independent filmmaking: My debut film »Route 66« became well known as the worlds first Open Source film, resulting in speaking engagements on digital culture related events alongside speakers like Lawrence Lessig and Jimmy Wales (co-founder Wikipedia).

2004 - 2010

freelance software development for Michael Gleissner (vice president of developing a prototype for data retrieval and processing in the field of E-learning

1999 - 2000

freelance software development and technical writing for Pearson PLC

1996 - 1998

video game development: producer and lead programmer of economic simulation games, including two Top 10 Video Game Charts hits

1993 - 1996

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